Homemade Latte

homemade latte

There’s nothing like a mug of foamy coffee with a side of goldfish! (I think he’s hoping that being on my blog will bring him fame and fortune. Not likely!)

I’m actually not much of a coffee drinker – I prefer tea. In fact I never really drank it until a holiday in Rome in the spring. Now I’m developing a taste for it!

I still don’t care for instant coffee and I definitely don’t care for coffee shop prices! Until the kitchen fairy brings me a coffee maker, I’m going to enjoy my version of the latte.

Homemade Latte

Serves 1. Preparation time 5 minutes. Approx 120 calories.


  • Three-quarters of a cup of milk
  • One teaspoon of instant coffee granules
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon


  1. Boil some water and pour just enough into a mug with the instant coffee to dissolve the coffee – less than a quarter of a cup.
  2. Put the milk in a saucepan and bring to the boil while whisking. Reduce heat and whisk in the coffee, sugar and vanilla.
  3. Take off the heat, pour into a mug and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Do you like my mug? Points to anyone who recognises the quote!

coffee mug

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you visit coffee shops or make it at home?

Something to Chew Over – everyday food, just a little bit special!

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3 Responses (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 07:21:39

    How funny that your goldfish made it into the picture! :) I love coffee but I’ve been trying to drink less coffee and more tea. This morning, however… I could use the coffee!!


    • somethingtochewover
      Sep 12, 2011 @ 07:48:06

      I actually prefer tea! But this is perfect before a workout.


  2. Shannon
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 14:48:44

    I hardly ever drink coffee but I think I’ll try making this sometime :)


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